Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Selfgags.com Snooping Maid Gags Herself With Dirty Panties (Pix)

From Selfgags.com; Kandy has a job as a maid for a mom and her two 18-years-old daughters who are all out of the house when Kandy decides to do some snooping around. Kandy goes to the laundry room and finds three pairs of dirty panties in the laundry basket. One pair belonging to the mother and the other two pairs belonging to each of the mother's 18-year-old daughters. Now Kandy knows she can make some money by shooting self-gagging clips and sell them online so after she's grabbed the dirty laundry panties she heads to the garage, finds herself a roll of silver duct tape and uses the mother's webcam.

Kandy stuffs her mouth and tape gags herself four times throughout this amazing clip while she mmphs, grunts, bitches and gag talks like the dirty girl she is! If you love the sight and the sound of a gagged girl who is able to stuff her mouth with three full pairs of panties all at once, you wouldn't want to miss this clip.