Monday, February 2, 2015

They Call Me Hallelujah (aka Guns for Dollars) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Agata Flori plays Sister Anna Lee in this silly spaghetti Western, where a nun who is more than she seems appears to be the key to a hidden treasure, and is kidnapped back and forth between the baddies and our smart-mouthed anti-hero. In the first bit, she's tied bent over a table with her cheek sealing a jar with a large scorpion inside prowling around. the lead baddie compels her to talk, tapping the side of the jar to make his point. Our hero causes a distraction and rescues her, shooting the ropes apart and killing the scorpion.

Her freedom si short-lived as she's been rolled up in a carpet and thrown across one of our hero's horses. He unrolls her inside his cave hideout, and her hands are shown tied in front of her. He talks to the nun for a bit, but their conversation is interrupted by some soldiers sent to rescue her.

Later, she's kidnapped inside a basket to a Chinese laundry and pulled out of the basket, with her hands tied in front and gagged over the mouth with a black cloth. Her captivity is ended rather quickly by our hero.

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