Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bondagefandid: Alex the Bored Babysitter

From Bondagefandid; Alex is waiting for the parents of the kid she watching to come home. She finds some handcuffs shackles and duct tape. Being a 18 year old curious girl she decides to try and tie herself up and see what it is like and of course she has no idea what she doing.

She uses all the tape to go around her upper body so she had to hand gag herself to pretend she being held hostage. But then she notices the key not in the drawer and realizes the dad will be home any minute. He finds Alex on the bed trying to explain herself and after she confirms she is 18 he gets a phone call from his wife. As he talks to her, he hand-gags Alex so she can't talk and tells her to stay in a hotel tonight...

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*Bright Blessings Be Safe and Have Fun !!*