Sunday, March 1, 2015

Criminal Minds: "Scream" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this episode, a meticulous yet violent serial killer with a thing for pretty brunettes has kidnapped Meg Callahan (Hailey Sole). she's seen quite battered, cleave- gagged and tied to a chair in a basement as the killer berates her about not having a good hot meal ready for him. Meg bags for his forgiveness, but he's tired of "giving her second chances" and she meets a bad end.

Later, battered woman Greta Thomas (Lisa Brenner) is kidnapped from her home by the killer (who apparently finds his victims as he works as a counselor at a women's shelter). she's shown being cleave gagged while unconscious. Later, she wakes up to her terrible situation and is forced to play out another scene with her captor before he as a go at her with a baseball bat.

Another terrible scene is played out later, and the killer loses all control and tears the room apart in his rage. afterward, greta struggle loose from her bindings and hides, but the killer quietly searches the room finds her and chokes her out with a baseball bat. (The cops rescue her after this point.)

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