Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From SelfGags: "BOUND & GAGGED BY A SEXY BITCH!- Episode One" (Pics)

From SelfGags; Sweet and innocent Layla becomes the victim of a sexy masked blonde female burglar's evil methods as she finds herself being taped up, gagged and humiliated. The blonde burglar's name is Casey and Casey makes a great living robbing, binding and gagging pretty girls like Layla before she sells them off into white slavery.

Casey tapes Layla's hands and ankles up with duct tape while Layla begs Casey to be let go. Casey is a professional and she's used to deal with girls like Layla who just won't shut up when they're being held captive. Casey tightly clamps her sexy hand over Layla's talkative mouth and shuts up her helpless prisoner with a super tight handgag.

Casey hushes up poor Layla who mmphs and looks so desperately helpless with Casey's hand covering her mouth before Casey decides to stuff a red ball gag in Layla's mouth before she goes looking for Layla's valuables. But before Casey leaves Layla alone to squirm and struggle, Casey blindfolds Layla with the pink bandana that masked Casey's pretty face a few minutes ago. Tape tied, blindfolded and ball gagged, Layla struggles, kicks and screams for her freedom while Casey is out looking for Layla's valuables.