Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Selfgags: Dot's First Mummification Bondage (Gifs)

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From Selfgags been wrapped up like a mummy herself, Alex Reynolds knows it's nearly impossible to escape such extreme tape bondage but when she dares her best friend Dot to see if she will be able to escape and Dot accepts, Alex grabs a few rolls of duct tape and starts taping up her petite girlfriend. Alex is extremely focused while she wraps up Dot who slowly begins to realize how hard it will be to escape when Alex is done with her. Dot's body is wrapped in silver duct tape from her shoulders and all the way down to her bare feet. She's lying on the couch immobilized in her cocoon when Alex stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth. Dot struggles, wriggles and fights against the tight tape ties that sorrounds her sexy body while Alex teasingly comments on her helpless girlfriend who fails to escape her very first mummification bondage.