Sunday, March 22, 2015

T.J. Hooker:"Trackdown" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this story, a psychopath uses a woman he's kidnapped as a lure to bring in fresh victims. Later in the episode, Officer Stacy Sheridan (Heather Locklear) goes undercover as a waitress to trap the killer, but the man spots the police wire behind her ear and she's quickly kidnapped and taken away. At a hotel room, Stacy sits on the bed with her ankles tied, her wrists cuffed to the headboard and a wide piece of white tape over her mouth.

The killer spots a motor home in the parking lot, and after untying Stacy, he hauls both women out of the room and into the vehicle. He handcuffs Stacy to a bar and hotwires the machine. Stacy get the woman to run, but the man chses her down and shoots her. Later, T.J. Hooker is chasing the motor home, and the vehicle wrecks. Somehow, Stacy is alright and tells Hooker to chase the killer down.

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