Monday, April 27, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey *Decent ws Web Rip*

In this turgid plodding adaptation of the best-selling novel, pretty literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) gets a interview with handsome intimidating billionaire Christian Grey and he become smitten with her. Consumed by growing passion, Ana allows him to tie her hands to the bedframe with a necktie while they make aggressive love.  Eventually it progresses into a full fledged BDSM style relationship, and later Ana is given a spanking on her bare bottom when she rolls her eyes and displeases him.

Christian finally takes Ana to his inner sanctum, where all his crops, whips, cuffs and toys are kept. He demonstrates what a riding crop feels like on her hand before binding her hair tightly behind her head and stripping her. Ana is semi-suspended by her wrists with leather cuffs for her first cropping before they have sex. More sessions follow in rapid succession, including another spanking.

Ana is tied down spreadeagle in bed with red cords and cuffs and blindfolded with a leather piece in a prolonged sequence. Later, their relationship begins to unravel as Ana comes to realize the only way Christian can be around her is when she's submissive and in pain, and so when she's bent over a table nude and spanked, she turns on him.

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*Has Chinese subtitles throughout.*

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