Monday, April 6, 2015

Fly Me *Decent ws Web Rip*

In this extended clip from a trashy 70's flick, slavers are kidnapping young woman and selling them off into slavery, including a stewardess named Sherry (Lyllah Torena).  She is held on a boat, being held captive in a cabin by several men. Sherry's hands are tied behind her back with white rope, and she is gagged with two narrow strips of white tape overlapped in a X pattern. She's hand-gagged as some men manhandle her in bed.

Sherry in a pair of stripy pink panties, and is barefoot is ungagged, but remains tied up by her hands and feet. A female guard has fallen asleep, prompting Sherry to stand up and shuffle over to a nearby table,  she uses her bound hands to grab a cocktail glass and smash it against a metal pipe. Miraculously this does not wake the guard, so Sherry manages to use the broken glass to free her hands. She then quickly hops back onto the bed to untie her feet. Once free she tries to make a break for it, but the guard wakes up and the men apprehend the helpless Sherry.

She is lying on a bed in a different cabin, bound and gagged, and scantily dressed as before. One of the head bad guys enters the cabin and starts fondling her all over. He tells her that he intends to "test the merchandise" before she is sold off ,..

The bidding begins in a seedy Hong Kong gentlemen's club. Sherry, together with many other women (possibly 14 in total) in the same situation. They are forced to stand next to each other in 2 groups, each chained by one wrist to a horizontal bar with a gold-colored manacle, whilst a group of male buyers "inspect the goods" and ask to see their breasts.

Meantime, there's an impromptu kidnapping of a young woman on the streets, and the girl's mother (played by Naomi Stevens) is carted off into an alleyway, gagged bandit style with a large pink scrf, tied hand and foot. It doesn't take long for the older lady to wriggle free and get the better of her guard.

Chaos erupts as two undercover agents break up the slave sale, and the captives are freed.

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