Monday, April 6, 2015

New Crime City *Hq Ws Web Rip* (By Sam)

In this cheesy 90's action film,  an ex-cop tries to stop a madman named Juice from unleashing a dangerous virus from the confines of a futuristic prison city. He and Darla ((Sherrie Rose) are captured and tied up in a arena-like area where the lead baddie plans to make a spectacle of their deaths. Darla gets gagged for mouthing off too much and eventually is led away.

Later, Darla is caught by a pair of pervy priests and lies unconscious while they undress her. they are stopped mid-lechery by our hero and another member of their commune. The priestess is held and tied up by this young woman while our hero carries Darla out of the room. The fiendish duo end up in a unique death trap, cleave-gagged and bound with nooses around their necks.

Afterward, Darla is bound to a chair again (hands behind the backrest, but no visible bonds), this time sitting next to our hero.   They spend some time reasoning with one of the resident goons, and manage to get free. Following is brief scene of Darla cleave-gagged with her hands tied behind her back.

*Thanks to Sam for making this clip available.*

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