Monday, April 13, 2015

Pleins Feux Sur Stanislas (AKA Killer Spy) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this first clip from a French spy comedy,  our hero returns home and finds the place ransacked, and his secretary Morin (Marcelle Arnold) gagged and tied up across a book shelf, his butler gagged and strung up in a pantry, and the housekeeper (Sylvain) likewise bound and gagged and stuffed in a large chest, struggling furiously.

Later, some crooks disguised as ambulance workers pay a visit to Bénedicte Rameau (Nadja Tiller). she carried out on a stretcher, her ropes and tape gag hidden under a large blanket. She's loaded into the back of am ambulance. Our hero tries to stop them and gets knocked down. Later, one of the kidnappers loads an injection to knock her out. she's shown to be gagged with lots of white medical tape, as well as bound with white clothesline rope. She passes out from the shot.

Later and elsewhere, a baddies has a pretty girl (played by Bernadette Lafont) tied up to a chair and gagged inside the attic of a storage barn. He takes off the gag to talk to her. and then during the madcap chase and fight ending, she's rescued by our hero. Well, actually he kinda unties her and she hops away with her chair in the ensuing chaos.

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