Sunday, April 5, 2015

Police Story: "Odyssey of Death (Part 2) " *Decent Ws Web Rip*

A Manson-style family of hillbillies is terrorizing the city with random string or robberies, rapes and murders, culminating in the abduction of a woman man Lydia (Karmin Murcelo) who gets kidnapped out of a Mexican food place. She puts up a fight and has to to be hand-gagged and overpowered to be forced into the car. The kidnappers don't get far before her boyfriend arrives on the scene and so the thugs take both of them across the street to an empty warehouse. Lydia is seen crying lying on the floor with her hands bound and cleave gagged. Some sharp-eyed patrol officers spot the family vehicle and arreest everyone before any further harm can be done.

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