Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sister Streetfighter *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this classic martial arts film,  the sister of an undercover officer is pressured by the police to help free her brother from a the clutches of a drug gang and help break up their extensive heroin operation. After several losing several assets to this new threat, the gang kidnaps Emi Hayakawa to put the screws to her father and get him to give up information. A turntable revolves and Emi is seen crouching bound and cleave gagged on the bed, struggling and the father is forced to watch as a few thugs molest the poor girl until he gives in.

Later, Tina Long ( Etsuko Shihomi ) is knocked out and captured during a fight, and wakes up hanging by her ankles over a bed of long metal spikes. the ugs make sport of swinging her about, then tehy whip her before tiring of it and the rope suspending her is set ablaze with a candle. The rope burns through and snaps, but the thugs didn't account for Tina's superhuman agility...

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