Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tales from the Crypt:"Mute Witness To Murder" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Suzy (Patricia Clarkson) witnesses a woman being murdered and the trauma makes her unable to speak. Suzy soon realizes that the killer (a psychiatric doctor) is a friend of her husband, and worse he's put himself in charge of her convalesce at an asylum. In the first bit, Suzy wakes up after being given a injection and finds herself trundling along on a hospital gurney, securely fastened in a canvas straitjacket. She's placed in a  padded cell. later, she makes a mad dash for freedom but is quickly caught and carried back.

Afterward, Suzy crouches in a corner, while the doctor tells her his story, and explains how she'll never get out of the asylum if he has anything to say about it. Suzy is given an injection in her thigh with a large needle as the doctor looks on. A nurse feeds Suzy a bowl of "something ", and talks to her. The doctor obsessively watches Suzy on security monitors.

The husband returns for a visit, and we see Suzy strapped to her bed, still bound by the straitjacket as well. He finally figures out what set off Suzy's episode, but the doctor promptly turns up and murders him, while she watches helplessly. the doctor returns later and takes off her straitjacket before the ironic twist ending.

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