Monday, April 27, 2015

Twister's Revenge *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Meredith Orr plays Sherry in this dumb as dirt film about three bumbling crooks who try to get their hands on a sentient monster truck built by a scientist and his girlfriend. In this clip, Sherry is kidnapped by the thugs as she and her boyfriend are parked ina  van in the woods one night. They chase her down and capture her her in the woods and afterward she's seen tied, gagged (packing with cleave gag) and struggling in a chair in what's supposed to be a mine shaft. Sherry is left with a time bomb for company.

One of the kidnappers comes back with food and falls for the "if I untie you will you behave trick. Sherry kicks him in the family business for his trouble. Somehow, the boyfriend parks the damage monster truck about sherry's head and she can hear everything they say to each other. eventually she's untied and rescued just before the bomb goes off.

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