Sunday, May 31, 2015

Thunder in Paradise *Hq ws Web Rip*

Model Carol Alt plays Kelly LaRew and Ashley Gorrell plays Jessica Whitaker Spencer in this movie pilot to a Hulk Hogan series about two ex-SEALs who hire themselves out as soldiers of fortune, aided by the gadget-riddled super boat. In this clip, the girls get kidnapped by a giant thug working for a crazed weapons smuggler who knows that a beaded necklace given to Jessica is really a treasure map to a lost fortune. The ladies are seen seated side by side with hands tied behind them on the lead baddie's boat, and later after out hero storms the boat alone, all three get bound up in chains  and tossed over the side into the ocean to drown. Our hero's wise-cracking sidekick springs into action to save the day.

Download the Clip