Monday, May 11, 2015

A Cruel Attendance (aka "Janhokhan chulgeun")

In this Korean crime comedy, Eun-ah Ko plays spoiled lazy brat targeted by two clueless kidnappers who corner her in an elevator and chloroform her as she's defacing a college poster. She's stuffed into a box and wheeled away as the kidnappers discuss the worth of Chinese chloroform. in an abandoned bowling alley, she's tied up in a chair and blindfolded, but the man binding her does such a poor job, she slips free not long after waking up. The girl is tackled and chloroformed again and the men do a much more secure job of binding her. She's also gagged with white tape.

The kidnapping unravels quickly as the lead kidnapper finds out his own daughter has been kidnapped (for a grand sum of 300 million won ). Worse,  Dad doesn't seem interested in paying for his daughter. Even worse than that, their chosen victim has been disowned by her rich father for faking her own abduction the week before because she wanted money from him.

The hostage topples her chair over in her struggles to reach the TV remote, as her captors leave her watching language education videos all day. She sweet talks the younger kidnapper into letting her use the bathroom, and he handcuffs her for the duration. She wheedles and whines and gets the embarrassed man to help her out, but reaching under her skirt to take down her underwear.

*In original dialogue with English subtitles*

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