Monday, May 18, 2015

Assault on Dome 4 *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Jocelyn Seagrave plays Lily Moran (wife of our hero) in this science fiction themed made for TV knock-off of Die Hard in which a terrorist holds a bunch of off-world scientists hostage and forces them to build a bunch of bombs for him. In this clip the terrorist leader forces lily into another room after discovering her husband is on the rescue mission. She's seen cleave gagged with white cloth hand tied behind her back in a chair as the baddie alternately torments her and her hubby over the intercoms.

He leave Lily alone for a bit and then returns to radio his thugs about some escape details, before taking off lily's gag and deciding to drag her along as insurance. Later, baddie and hero scuffle back and forth. Lily gets knocked out in the course of the fight. Our hero gets control of a bomb remote, but then there's another reversal of fortunes involving a switchblade knife and gun. the baddie flees with the remote and our hero turns to untie and revive his wife.

*Long been on my want list and finally a copy popped up online. Well worth the waiting time. Bruce Campbell scenery chewing as the bad guy is just icing on the cake.*

Download the Clip