Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bigfoot *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Joi Lansing plays Joi Landis (*snirk*) in this grade-z creature feature about Bigfoot. In the first scene before the credits even role, Joi strips out of a jumpsuit to skimpy garment underneath, having parachuted into the middle of the woods from an ailing plane. She's attacked and carried off by the shaggy man-brute. Later, Chris (Judy Jordan)  and her boyfriend unearth a Bigfoot grave and are attacked by the monsters. The man is beaten down (but survives) and Chris is carried off.

Elsewhere, Joi and Chris stand tied up to trees in a secluded area. the ladies talk about their bleak situation and the disappearance of another girl. The tribe goes hunting, leaving a juvenile to guard the captives. Afterward, the rescue party of local yokels has been caught by the returning monsters and left tied up with the girls.

The creatures come and take Joi screaming into the woods. She's tied up between two trees spread eagle style, thrashing and struggling as the largest Bigfoot approaches her from the deep woods. She passes out. Later, she recovers from her swoon to see a bear approaching. er screams bring back the Bigfoot who wrestles an fights off the bear. The captives are eventually rescued by a biker club who've come looking for a missing girl.

*Ugh, the stuff I watch for this blog. I brightened up the clip as much as possible, but it's still pretty dark in some scenes. * 

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