Sunday, May 17, 2015

Criminal Minds: "The Hunt" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this episode, Meg (Hailey Sole) and her friend Markayla Davis (Taylor Mosby) are lured into harm's way with the promise of  music concert tickets via a internet scam put together by a sophisticated collective of murderers, led by an sociopath with a grudge against Meg's aunt. at first convinced they are being picked up by a young boy's mother, Meg gets a bad feeling and starts to send a text to her aunt just before the girls are overpowered from behind and drugged with injections in their necks.

Waking up later in a house,  the girls are bound wrists and ankles with zip ties and later their ankles are snipped free and they are put into a van. At another exchange point, Markayla makes a mad dash for freedom and escapes into the nearby woods. One of the kidnappers is shot dead in front of her, She makes it to a house where a woman helps her.

Elsewhere, Meg has had her hair cut and dyed by the kidnappers. She sits with her wrists ziptied to the arms of a chair.  Meg is put up for auction on a secret website catering to killers (shades of Hostel). At another exchange point, money changes hands and Meg is put bound and cleave gagged into a car trunk. Inside, as the vehicle is in motion she manages to tear out one of the brake lights.

Later, Meg is hanging up by wrists as the killer turns on music and prepares a set of surgical knives. Through some extraordinary computer legerdemain, as well as aid from one member of the conspiracy, Meg is rescued before any harm comes to her.

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