Sunday, May 17, 2015

Criminal Minds: "Sense Memory" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Switching gears entirely, Stacey Oristano plays Anisa Gold, the latest victim of a man who abducts and murders young women based on certain scents he finds pleasurable. After she hands him and address, he seals the back passenger compartment and knocks her out with chloroform fumes flushed through air vents. Anisa, struggles, kicks and passes out.

She wakes up gagged with duct tape and tied to a chair, as the killer removes a woman's body from a tank of ethanol. He prepares to make candles, scented with the "essence" he's distilled from a previous victim. In a storage closet, 2 inch squares of cut flesh hang in small labeled plastic bags. Anisa sees them and panics, naturally.

Later, he takes off the tape gag, Anisa begs for her freedom, but he tells her he's perfected the process and knocks her out again with a spray.  She wakes up later, nude strapped to a metal table about to be lowered into a tank of ethanol to drown, but the cops arrive before any harm can be done to her.

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