Monday, May 4, 2015

The Black Book (AKA Reign of Terror) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

As the flames of the French Revolution grow Robespierrre,  is desperately looking for his black book, a death list of those marked for the guillotine. In this clip, Madelon (Arlene Dahl) is caught by revolutionary thugs while trying to flee through the forest. She's seen strung up off the floor by her wrists and interrogated by a cadre of men but with no result.  she's ordered taken down by another member of the group who then plucks off an earring to use as incentive to uncover the location of the book. Later, Madelon is seen being held captive in a secret room inside a shop. Her captor spills his drink and the puddle flows under the lip of the secret door, which is quickly spotted by Madelon's lover. He pries the door open with some effort, fights off her captor and escorts the women to safety.

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