Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mirage: "Prisoner of the fantastic panorama" (Clip)

Model Keiko is dressed in a grey plaid skirted schoolgirl costume (with black knee socks and loafers) struggles blindfolded, bound up and gagged on a bed in this clip from a video by Mirage. She's restrained and gagged with wraps of pink tape, blindfolded rather securely with a large white cotton towel.

Download Here

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Shibari improvisation - "Psiheya ties Nelly into a pretzel"

Bondage performance found on Youtube (and originating in the Ukraine) and linked to me by a contributor (thank you. you can watch the entire video here. But here's 5 minute clip from it as bondage mistress Psiheya has her model suspended from her waist , arm and leg in a complex rope harness anchored above the lithe woman's head.

Download Here

*It's Youtube, so get it while it's good.*