Monday, June 15, 2015

Ebony, Ivory and Jade (AKA She-Devils in Chains, or American Beauty Hostages, or Foxfire, or Foxforce) *Decent Web Rip*

An American track team has just arrived in The Philippines for an international competition. After they arrive at their hotel, a gang of thugs kidnap them. Rosanne Katon as track star Pam Rogers, the eponymous 'Ebony' of the title. Colleen Camp co-stars as 'Ivory', her privileged track and field rival. Sylvia Anderson appears as "Jade". In the first bit in a shower room, the kidnappers enter posing as another team but their intentions are soon obvious and mass fight breaks out. In the melee, one of the girls is shot and only holding two other girls at gunpoint stops the ladies from fighting.

At another location, the girls sit around on the floor with their hands tied behind them, talking. two thugs come in and haul away girl named Casey. she's hit a couple of times as she struggles.. Later the captives are loaded into a van for a long trip elsewhere. There's an abortive escape attempt which is quickly quelled.

In an underground location, the ladies stand around with swatches of medical tape over their mouths for gags as a kidnapper speaks. They are  put in a room, ungagged and locked up. In their cell the girls work out their tensions and finally come to some agreement to work together to escape. They finally get untied, and when the kidnappers return with food, the ladies turn the tables on them.

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