Saturday, June 6, 2015

K.C. Undercover: "Double-Crossed, part 3" *Decent WS Web Rip*

Continuing;  K. C. Cooper (Zendaya Coleman)  still languishes in captivity in a barn, this time handcuffed to a pipe by one wrist, and going more than a little stir crazy, with nothing but a white rat for company. After some gloating scene s with Zane, her captor, fake K.C. knocks out and drags off Marisa (Veronica Dunne) after the girl figures out she's a phony. Marisa is handcuffed to a wooden post close by and after the baddies leave, K.C. is thrilled that Marisa's excessive primping made her steal a lipstick with hidden laser inside, which allows the girls to escape.

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