Saturday, June 13, 2015

Knight Rider:" Exit Light, Enter Knight" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Micheal Knight gets himself in the middle of a huge bank robbery and finds himself a hostage as well. In this clip, our hero, another man and a woman named Lynn (Daniella Alonso) are helping the lead robber with the safety deposit boxes, all of them sporting large black over the mouth gags. Micheal manages to signal and attacks the thug. the men square off and Lynn scrambles for a safety deposit box. She gets it open just as our hero gets the better of the baddie, then shows her true clors by pointing a hidden gun at Micheal.

Afterward, all the hostages are herded together, blindfolded with odds and ends, and then bound together with duct tape. Micheal is dressed up as one of the robbers, and gagged behind his mask so he can't warn the police. The lead baddie forces the electric company to close down the power grid prior to the two groups of hostage being herded out as a distraction so the gang can escape.

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