Saturday, June 6, 2015

Motive: "The Suicide Tree" *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Crooks double-cross each other after an armored car robbery in which the money is stashed away in a hidden location known only to one partner in crime, who has been murdered. In this clip, Ella Rollins (Meaghan Rath) gets grabbed and held at knife-point by another man in on the plot. She's cleave-gagged and has her hands bound together in front with brown zip-cuffs before she's loaded into the trunk of a car an abandoned there. The same man attacks Dr. Betty Rogers (Lauren Holly) and she's left on the floor bound with zip-cuffs and cleave gagged as the assailant cuts off the thumb from the fresh corpse on the slab. She's rescued moments later.

Elsewhere,  Ella is overheard screaming and kicking in the trunk by her captor and warned to be quiet. She pleads that she can't breathe in the cramped space, and to be allowed to talk to her husband and she's allowed a cellphone call before being hauled off to a storage facility. Using the severed thumb to open the locked door, the kidnapper reveals a large pallet stacked with cash. the man begins to load a bag and Ella takes advantage of the distraction to kick the pallet, causing him to stumble, and she flees.

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