Saturday, June 20, 2015

Terry and the Pirates (Serial)

Terry and the Pirates (1940) was the 10th film serial released by Columbia. It was based on the comic strip Terry and the Pirates created by Milton Caniff. In his biography, Meanwhile..., Caniff stated that he hated the serial for changing so much of his comic strip, and that "I saw the first chapter and walked out screaming." Terry and the Pirates was turned into a television series in 1952, this time with John Baer as Terry and William Tracy as comic relief character Hot Shot Charlie.

Terry of the Pirates told of how young Terry Lee goes in search of his father (J. Paul Jones, who has vanished in the Asian jungles. Dr. Lee, it turns out, was kidnapped by the jungle pirates of Fang (Dick Curtis), a local warlord attempting to solve the secret of the Temple of Mara. Attacked by Fang, his henchman Stanton (Jack Ingram) and an army of Tiger Men, Terry and his friends, Pat Ryan (Granville Owens, Normandie Drake (Joyce Bryant and the beautiful Dragon Lady (Sheila Darcy), manage not only to locate the missing Dr. Lee but also the hidden treasure of Mara.


William Tracy as Terry Lee

Granville Owen as Pat Ryan

Joyce Bryant as Normandie Drake

Allen Jung as Connie

Victor DeCamp as Big Stoop, magician

Sheila D'Arcy as Dragon Lady

Dick Curtis as Fang

J. Paul Jones as Dr. Lee

Forrest Taylor as Mr. Drake

Jack Ingram as Stanton

Charles King as Blackie, henchman

Duke York as Leopard Man

Jack Perrin as Mr. Harris