Monday, June 22, 2015

Terry and The Pirates:"Black Market for Death" *Decent Web Rip*

Terry and Hotshot fly desperately needed typhus serum to a remote Chinese village, but the pretty nurse sent to meet them at the airstrip is has been captured by crooks and the shipment hijacked. In the opening bit, after getting away from a suspicious acting character, our heroes explore a strange noise inside the airstrip office, and discover  nurse Pamela Duncan (Pamela Brighton), bound, gagged and tucked away in a closet. She's quickly released.

Later, after some investigation Terry and Hotshot try to meet the physician who contracted with their air freight company to ship typhus serum. They find the good doctor tied to a chair and detective gagged next to the lovely Dragon Lady (Gloria Sanders) who is in a similar position. They untie the doctor but leave the woman bound, only taking off her gag, since they suspect she's involved in the theft, despite her and the doctor's protests. She's left behind and later set free by her henchmen.

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