Monday, June 15, 2015

The Brides of Fu Manchu *Hq Ws Web Rip*

The fiendish Dr. Fu Manchu has been kidnapping the daughters of prominent scientists and taking them to his remote island, where he demands that the fathers help him to build a death ray, with which he intends to use to take over the world. in this clip, a scientist is brought into a temple complex and we see several young pretty woman chained and manacled to stone columns, most minimally dressed.

Fu Manchu compels the man to obedience by having his hypnotized daughter help out with a murder. Shiva Ramchand (Danni Shersdan) is brought forward. Shiva is tied by the hair to rings set  in tilting platform above a snake pit. Fu Manchu has the girl cut Shiva's hair and she plummets screaming into the pit, which is then sealed behind her. The scientist is offered a choice, obey Fu Manchu or he'll break the trance and tell the girl what she's done.

Later, Marie Lentz (Marie Versini) is brought in and as a demonstration of his power, Fu Manchu has five of the girls freed, tehy pic k up Marie, open the snake pit and she's lowered head-first into it, until she screams in terror. Fu Manchu hypnotizes her afterward.

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