Sunday, June 14, 2015

Witcher 3: "Carnal Sin" (Gameplay Video)

*Warning: Some Spoilers !!*

In this quest from the third game installment, the Witcher Geralt is called upon to solve several violent ritualistic murders wherein the victims are bound and have various body parts burned or removed. In the first bit, Geralt speaks with Ingrid, Priscilla Vegelbud’s daughter. She’ll eventually leads to her mother’s bedroom,  The door opens on a ghastly scene of the woman bound across her own bed, quite dead and Ingrid collapses. Geralt chases the fleeing killer.

Later, clues have led Geralt to Crippled Kate’s brothel, where the murderer is playing his trade on Sweet Nettie, who sits, tied nude and struggling in a chair with a rag jammed in her mouth as the man heats an iron in a brazier.  After slaying the man, Geralt frees Nettie and she tells him her tale of horror.

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