Sunday, July 5, 2015

8 Million Ways to Die *Hq Ws Web Rip*

Rosanna Arquette plays a hooker named Sunny who finds herself the centerpiece of a power struggle between a dangerous drug dealer who dominates her and the drunken abrasive ex-deputy turned private detective hired to find out who murdered her sister.  In the first scene, Sunny is all but kidnapped from a party by our hero,  as the drug dealer looks on. She's carried, hand gagged and put kicking and fighting into a fancy hillside riding escalator. He finally lets her go if only to assure the dealer she'll be back soon.

Later, its uncovered the dealer has been using a competitor's front operation to hide his merchandise and things escalate quickly. Our hero wants Sunny safe and sound, or he'll burn the huge stash. Sunny is seen blindfolded with a shotgun taped to her neck as the situation continues to degenerate and her life hangs by a thread when two kilos of cocaine are burned...

*Strong Language Warning !! *

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