Monday, July 6, 2015

Bad Blood *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this Lifetime movie, a serial killer with medical skills targets random young women, darining them of them blood. In the first scene, Nicole (Jessica Gardner) strapped to a chair and cleave gagged with a white cloth, in a trailer set up for medical procedures. Her husband (a crazed serial killer) comes in with some tea, then proceeds to drain her blood. A muffled squeal from her ends the scene (and unfortunately her life).

Later, Lauren Malone (Taylor Cole) is arrested for a murder but the police car taking her to jail is rerouted,  gets stuck in loose soil and the officer driving is shot and killed by our killer. He knocks Lauren out with an injection. Afterwards, she awakens in a house in the wilderness. Multiple close-ups reveal that she is sitting on a chair, hands securely cuffed behind her to the backrest, feet tied to the chair legs with black rope, and very tightly cleave gagged with a dark red bandanna.  She is bemused at his crazy reasons for kidnapping her and tries to scream, so he re-gags her onscreen. Some gag-talk and lots of desperate mmpphing from the helpless captive.

While the killer goes to dispose of the police woman's body, Lauren struggles and manages to break the rung in the back of the chair, and slip the cuffs under her butt. She gets herself loose, and when the killer returns, she uses a spade (hands still cuffed in front) to knock him out, steal his keys and make a break for it.

Later, Frances (Carly Chaikin) is kidnapped by the killer, her hands are tied to the armrests of a large chair with white rope, feet strapped together, and she is cleave gagged with a thin white cloth. The killer starts to draw her blood.  Lauren finds the shed and discovers Frances. She is barely conscious, but comes around when Lauren un-gags and begins to untie her. Unfortunately the killer was waiting for her, and he sprays both of them with a knockout gas.

Lauren wakes up, she has been rendered even more helpless than before: lying face down and strapped full spreadeagle to an operating table, she is also cleave gagged with a thin white cloth and a wide strip of duct tape over that. Her struggles (and mmpphhing) prove utterly futile as the killer cuts open the back of her shirt in preparation for a nasty procedure to drain her spinal fluid. In the background, Frances is still bound to the chair and has been re-gagged. Just as things begin to look very grim for Lauren, police officer Tommy (Christine Adams) shoots her way in. Frances then un-gags and unties Lauren.

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