Monday, July 20, 2015

Cleopatra *Hq Ws Web Rip*

In this lavish Cecille B. DeMille production, Claudette Colbert plays the famed Queen of the Nile. In the opening minutes of the film , the serving maids open the Queen's chambers and discover the body guard dead , a slave left bound and gagged on the floor and Cleopatra missing. Whisked across the deserts by chariot, Cleopatra stands struggling held, bound, cleave, gagged and blindfolded, betrayed by her prime minister.

She's taken out and tied wriggling to a lone stone column by some men with only one manservant for company. The minister has sided with her brother Ptolemy, and they plan to sign a treaty with Caesar in her stead. Left to their own devices, the queen commands her servant to untie her and they scheme to get back into Alexandria (despite being under a warrant of death).

Later, with the treaty ready, and awaiting Caesar's sigil, a hooded and robbed man comes bearing a gift of a fine rug for Caesar. It's unrolled, revealing Cleopatra within its confines. Caesar is amused by the queen's "fine joke".

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