Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dita Von Teese: "Perrier Mansion"

From the film elements official Website:

"Along with Ogilvy Paris and Dita Von Teese we allowed people to explore seductive desires for Perrier. The site invites users to join Dita at the secluded Perrier Mansion, where she taunts them while hiding in the darkness, teasing them with dice and eventually herself. But be careful to follow her rules!

Together with our director Anders Hallberg we laid out a teasing and exclusive cinematic experience. We found a great-looking castle outside Riga, Lithuania that was a perfect setting for the project.  During a long-hour two-day shoot we captured all the necessary footage; thanks to pre-visualizations and prototyping we could fairly quickly lock in what we needed from the shoot. After the shoot came the usual post-production and “interactivication” of the material.

A couple of scenes had more complex CG elements, like the dice that were created in 3D to allow for interactivity."

Essentially it's a "choose your own adventure" with Dita flitting about in a lushly appointed  series of rooms, coyly teasing you with glimpses of skin and lingerie, pouring Perrier over herslf and sighing, and a few mini-games, such as where you have to snap pictures of Dita in a darkened room and you're rewarded for getting it right.

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Bright Blessings, Be Safe and Have Fun !!