Saturday, July 11, 2015

Perfect Prey *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this thriller, a former Texas Ranger is asked to assist in tracking down a serial killer who chooses his victims in accordance with the ceramic dolls he collects and sells at local flea markets. In the first bit, Elizabeth Crane (Joely Fisher) is kidnapped by the killer. She's seen stashed inside a foam-lined box inside a truck, tightly cleave gagged with a baby monitor by her head so the kidnapper can talk to her. Later she is shown strapped to a bed with her wrists over her head and still cleave-gagged as her captor comes into the room and chloroforms her. Afterward,  she's seated at the table, but restrained and he takes off the gag to feed her, but replaces it when he gets annoyed with her at the end of the scene. She's killed off with a plastic bag after the killer makes her up to resemble one of his dolls.

Later in the film, our heroine Audrey Macleah (Kelly McGillis) is doing research in the library and promptly has a panic attack when she realizes she's chasing the same killer that had kidnapped her years ago. there's brief image of her gagged face in a flashback sequence.

Afterward, the killer kidnaps a woman named Marianne (Judy Kain) from a parking lot following a near miss with our heroine when she shoots at him. Marianne is carried into a  motel room, thrown bound and gagged onto bed with the killer right there on top of her. finally, in the killer's lair, our heroine looks around and finds his dolls as well as a dentist chair with leather restraint cuffs, before finding Marianne bound and gagged in a hidden room behind the walls. She unties her.just as the killer comes down the hall with a loaded shotgun....

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