Saturday, July 11, 2015

Port Sinister *Ws Web rip*

Lynne Roberts  plays Dr. Joan Hunter in this B movie science fiction thriller about a treasure hunt on a formerly sunken island, which turns deadly as the island is stalked by giant man-eating crabs. in this clip, Joan is caught by some treacherous sailors after she's overheard they've discovered a pirate's chest of diamonds and gold. She's overpowered,  has her hands tied behind her back and is tightly gagged across the mouth with a cloth. the crooks dump her off on a rocky ledge after a few quips and she's left to wriggle.As soon as the bad guys pick up their loot and leave, Joan twists and turns, trying to pull her wrists loose and to shake loose the gag. Of course one of the resident crab monsters turns up, but our heroes shoot it dead before any harm befalls her.

*Poor picture, I know, very dark in some places.But it was the best of only two copies I located online. If anyone with better editting skills than myself can clean it up and brighten it and send it back, I'd appreciate it.*

Download the Clip