Saturday, July 11, 2015

Savage *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this muddled science fiction action flick, a farmer is turned into a brute warrior hero by forces unknown after his family is murdered, so he can take revenge on the shadowy corporation responsible. In this clip, Nicky Carter (Jennifer Grant) is caught at home by some goons, led by a man with a thing for straight razors. She's cleave-gagged with a narrow white cloth and tied to an inclined weight bench. As our hero confronts the lead baddie, he's shown a video of Nicky being held captive with a razor blade poised at her throat. He's given the choice of leaving or watching her die. He flees.

Later, Nicky squirms and struggles as the tugs keep an eye out for our hero. After yanking one goon through the window, our hero suddenly bursts through the ceiling and attacks. A grand melee erupts. The lead thug sets up a bomb in a briefcase and escapes in the confusion. Nicky pries herself loose and she and the hero make a narrow escape.

*Nice Belly*

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