Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Selfgags: "You're No longer my BFF !!" (Gifs)

From Selfgags.com; One day after class, Dakota tells Casey about her offer from the popular girl group and that her and Casey can't be friends no more. Casey is shocked and pleads Dakota not to end their friendship this way after so many years but Dakota has already made her decision and don't seem to listen to what Casey has to say. Casey keeps trying to convince Dakota not break their bonds and asks Dakota if there is anything she can do to change her mind. Dakota says that there is one thing Casey can do to make Dakota reconsider and that is to let her tie Casey up with duct tape. Casey thinks it's weird but she also knows that her best friend can be rather crazy and spontaneous, so she accepts and lets Dakota tape her up.

Dakota has tied Casey to the chair behind her school desk in the classroom. She takes a photo of bound Casey and sends it to the popular girls to show them what she's done to her best friend who they want her to get rid off. Casey begs and wriggles to escape but Dakota has done a very good job in taping her up. A couple seconds later, Dakota receives a message from the popular girls who laughing hysterical and suggesting Dakota to tape a pair of her dirty panties from gym class earlier in Casey's mouth.