Monday, July 20, 2015

The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre: "The Double" *Hq Ws Web Rip*

A man suffering from amnesia, false memory and paralysis of his legs returns to England with his nurse . He believes he killed his partner 6 months earlier, but the body was never found. A conspiracy unfolds around the man, as  a stock broker with an identical name as the dead partner is found. In the first bit, a man opens a hidden wall safe only to be interrupted by the rightful owner Martha Bradshaw (Dorothea Rundle). She walks in finds the safe opened and the man is behind her and puts a pillow over her face. Afterward she, seen gasping for breath cleave gagged with a white cloth, seated on the couch apparently bound. She's discovered later by her husband.

Later, Jane Winston (Jane Griffiths) is led away to a location by a phone call. In a hallway, she's grabbed by a man lurking there, who covers her mouth with a large white hankie. He drags her into another room and leaves her crouching bound and gagged over the mouth in a storeroom, locking the door behind him. Later, she gets to the door, kicks at it and is heard by our hero, who rescues her.

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