Monday, July 20, 2015

Things You Don't Tell *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Amanda Bauman plays Samantha in this poor attempt at a thriller. Toward the end of the film,  Samantha and her husband are kidnapped by a psycho and his innocent stooge. He's brought into a garage, where Samantha sits bound and tape gagged in a chair. The other guy freaks out and gets shot in the head for his trouble. After disposing of the body, he turns to find the hubby missing and after yelling at Samantha, goes looking for him. The guys fight back and forth, psycho-boy loses possession of his gun.  Hubby gets the better of the baddie and knocks him out with a Taser. He goes to untie Samantha, just as the psycho recovers and goes for the gun. hubby ignites a pool of gas on the ground and the nutter goes up like a torch. He unties Samantha after watching the creep burn.

*Some violence and language*

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