Monday, August 24, 2015

Bianca Beauchamp: Cotton Candy

The amazing Bianca Beauchamp explains how how this sweet and glamour photo set made her feel like a bad-ass brat :

"What piece of clothing do I need to wear to feel like a bad ass brat?? For sure, a Polymorphe black Latex catsuit!! Then, if I wear a corset over it, it’s even better. Of course, no bad-ass outfit is complete without gloves, and 8’’ black high heels with a platform that is to die for! These shoes are so hot; I could kick anyone’s ass if I needed to. I love them! Although I liked the look of the outfit,  I did feel like I was missing a prop  to become the bad chick I wanted to be.  And then I thought of my biker style sunglasses and when I put them on and smirked at my reflection, I immediately enjoyed the sexy tough overall look of this outfit."

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