Monday, August 31, 2015

Easy Prey *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Switching gears entirely, in this made for TV movie,  Tina Marie Risico (Shawnee Smith)  gets herself kidnapped at gunpoint by a charming serial killer posing as photographer. He takes her along from place to place during his criminal escapade across several states, with the police dogging his every move. In one scene, Tina is seen seated in the car with small squares of duct tape over her eyes as a blindfold. The kidnapper covers the tape with dark glasses as they pull into a motel parking let. He threatens to use a gun if she tries to escape. As he gets ready the following morning, she's seen  tied hand and foot barefoot on the bed. He unties her.

Later, after kidnapping Wendy Robinson (Jessica Steen) from a mall, he forces Tina to take a shower so he can tie up and rape his new captive. Afterward, both girls are seen tied hand and foot with Tina seated on the foot of the other bed, and the new captive with her hadns tied in front and blindfolded with duct tape squares on her eyes.

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