Monday, August 10, 2015

Lady Dragon 2 (AKA Angel of Fury 2) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

High-kicking Cynthia Rothrock plays Susan 'The Golden Angel' Morgan in this karate action thriller. In this extended clip,  a gang of violent diamond smuggler invade the home late at night. First they deal with domestic help Sari (Bella Esperance) , she overpowered hand-gagged atrussed up and gagged with black tape and left to struggle on her bed. afterward they attack our heroine and her boyfriend. Shes tied down on the bed and gagged with black tape. Her arms stretched out and anchored to opposite bedposts, her feet taped together. Susan is forced to watch as her boyfriend is brutalized and tortured as the crooks demand to know where a cache of diamonds lies hidden. Susan is about to be likewise assaulted, but is spared as Sari has broken free and attacks the creeps with a shotgun.

Later, Sari is apparently kidnapped by the gang. she's shown in an abandoned train station standing tape gagged with her hands tied behind her and attached to large metal hook. Our heroine chops, kicks, clubs and punches her way through a small army of thugs to reach her only to disccover Sari has been in league with the baddies the entire time.

*Violence and Language Warning*

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