Monday, August 31, 2015

Quake (AKA Aftershock or Stalker ) *Decent Ws Web Rip*

In this straight to video thriller, Jenny (Erika Anderson) finds out the hard way her neighbor is a psychopath as she finds herself held captive after going to him for help after an earthquake. Jenny makes a run for the door, but he catches her pins, her down binds and gags her before some firemen can come up the stairs and check on the sounds of distress. He straddles her as she lies face-down, pinning her arms behind her back so that he can tie her hands together with white phone cord. After the firemen leave, he closes the door and we see that Jenny standing next to him at knife-point, now tightly cleave gagged with a black cloth.

Later she is lying on a bed, hands tied upper spreadeagle to the headboard with the phone cord, feet tied together, but ungagged. The kidnapper plays her a recording of sex noises , to which she can only respond bemusedly. Soon, the block is rocked by another quake. Once the quake dies down he starts to get intimate with her, but she persuades him to cut her free so she can use the bathroom. Later, he needs to get some stuff from the store, but before stepping out he  nails the windows closed and otherwise secures the apartment before he manhandles her back onto the bed and re-ties her as before. A brief change of sequence reveals that she has been cleave gagged with the cloth again.

When he leaves her alone, she quickly manages to work the gag out of her mouth and mutter her frustration with one word: "Fucker....!" Determined, she was also able to sneak a razor blade in her palm to cut her wrists free. she does so but is forced to resume her place as she can't find aa vaible escape before the psycho returns home.

Finally in the last viable scene Jenny is shown tied up to a a wall with white phone cord.

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