Monday, September 28, 2015

Borderland Bound: Sam & Laura in: We Found Out The Boss Was A Crook, So He Bound & Gagged Us On His Office Floor & Even Tied Our Toes Up!

From Borderland Bound; It all began with beautiful secretary Sam working overtime in her boss's office. His name is Richie JazzMag, but who gives a winkle about that, right? Anyway, getting bored, the Amazonian hottie decided to go through his accounts and discovered more than a few discrepancies. Knowing the guy is stealing hard, she reasons she will too from HIM. And there is nothing his crooked hide will be able to do about it. Oh, really? Letting her hot , leggy chum Laura in on the action, the pair are to be found at the BedKnobs & BroomHandles Offices one twilit eve, planning a little theft of their own. Oh, and how smug they are about that too. The bitches. Smug, that is, until a shadow falls upon them. Taken out at persuader-point, the startled but very mouthy girls are tied up on the floor and exceptionally tightly cleave gagged to keep them quiet while the demented bossman roams off to take some time to figure out how he is going to deal with them! Clearly, their little bums know WAY too much!

So, the hot busty blonde with a cleavage to do serious time for struggles bound and gagged on the floor alongside a heartily protesting, very lithesome Laura.