Monday, September 7, 2015

Charlie's Angels: "Waikiki Angels" * Hq Ws Web Rip*

The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to catch a gang of dune buggy drivers who are terrorizing a local beach and who are likely to be behind the disappearance of a congressman's daughter. In this clip, Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) & Kris Munroe (Cheryl Ladd) nearly get the drop on one of the goons, but his partner turns up with an assault rifle and the ladies are captured and herded into a dune buggy.

They are unloaded at a beach house with thier hands tied together in front of them, escorted inside and after some back and forth with their captors left to their own devices. Kris remembers a radio in her huge purse the baddies somehow missed and the ladies struggle to get to it and call for help. Kelly gets taken away for some talk with the other thug, and so Kris is left alone. The crook comes back to get Kris and discovers the radio, which he confiscates.

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