Monday, September 14, 2015

Jordan *Decent Ws Web Rip*

Jordan (Isabel Culpepper) escapes from the imposter posing as her mother while at an amusement park and runs for the front gate. She's intercepted and carried off, right in front of some security people who never act on the scene.

Later, the kidnapper returns to a motel room. Jordan is shown sleeping on the floor, hands tied in front with a thick scarf, feet tied together with another scarf, and cleave gagged with a purple bandanna. Natalia slowly unties her hands and feet, but not the gag, then sets her down on the bed. As Natalia goes to take a shower, Jordan immediately wakes up, ungags herself and tries to escape from the room, only to find the door padlocked and the windows  can only be opened just so.

Being the resourceful girl that she is, she makes a phone call to a friend. He gets Jordan to describe where she is, using various means, but only manages to get some information before she hears the kidnapper finishing her shower . Quickly Jordan hangs up the phone, re-gags herself and lies back down on the bed.

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