Monday, September 14, 2015

Tripfall *Decent Ws Web Rip*


In opening minutes of this thriller about a gang of lowlifes that live by home invasions and kidnappings, a family of four (mom, husband, son and daughter played by unknowns) sit bound and gagged with duct tape until the leader of the gang calls his cohort and tells him "it's over." and the man pulls a silenced pistol.

Later, another family on vacation get s kidnapped from their motel room by the gang and dragged around from place to place in the back of a van, handcuffed behind the back and all gagged with duct tape. Racheal Hunter plays wife Gina Williams, and Christina Ann Moore plays daughter Angela (thought both non-speaking roles for the duration of their captivity. 

A tense situation erupts when the captives are left with the only woman in the gang and some cops pull up at the same parking building to eat lunch. The husband ( played by the late John Ritter) dares to make a few furtive attempts to signal them, but the cops are called away.

Finally the husband offers to get the gang a large amount of cash from a local bank in exchane for their freedom, and they go along with it. He manages to escape and and extended cat and mouse game ensues before the final bloody confrontaion between him and the gang's leader.

*This is a VERY long clip, btw*

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