Monday, October 19, 2015

Blood Widow *Decent WS Web Rip*

Yet another clip sent to me by a contributor; in this horror tale, a young couple find out the hard way that their summer retreat is next door to a crumbling boarding school where a violent masked recluse has taken up residence. In this extensive clip, Laurie Sullivan (Danielle Lilley)  has been taken prisoner by the killer.   Laurie wakes up in a cellar with her hands are tied securely with rope and chained arms overhead to the ceiling. At first she puts up a struggle, but stops when the psycho arrives to torture her.She rips off Laurie's jeans to reveal her black lace panties, then whips her on the thighs with a scourge ( barbed whip with several ends).  She screams in pain.

Afterward, Laurie is being dragged into a closet, hands still tied in front but now tightly cleave gagged with a black cloth. Her feet are left free to kick and thrash around. The psycho ties Laurie's hands to a pipe on the floor, then locks her in the closet. Immediately she tries to struggle and break the pipe, but to no avail. Rather than be a passive damsel she eventually manages to break the pipe holding her hands against the floor and she crawls through the newly-created hole in the floor and tries to navigate her way underneath the building.

 As she carries on crawling around to evade the psycho, she's still gagged and her hands remain bound. As she tries to crawl through a wall vent, she's cut off by the killer and she's forced to scramble over and shove a heavy crate in front of grating to prevent the killer from reaching her.She uses an ax on the floor to cut her hands free from the ropes, then spends a few extra seconds un-gagging herself by untying the knot at the back of her head. She crawls up the stairs to escape

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